2020 Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar


Samples from the 2019 calendar:

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Steven - January 2019

Aww, Steven is sad because South Carolina doesn't have ice. No ice? No problem! He'll just crack open a cold one because it's no one else's business what he allows to cross his blood-brain barrier! (LP Platform 1.1)

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David - March 2019

David doesn't care what anyone else is wearing. He is his own person and nobody can make him dress a certain way. He owns his body and nobody has the right to force anything on him, just like you own yourself! (LP Platform 1.0)

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Shane - July 2019

It's Independence day! When he's out catching some rays, Shane likes to think about how it's the right, the obligation even, of people to abolish or alter any form of government they find destructive towards liberty. (LP Platform 3.7)

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Arik - August 2019

I'm on a boat! Arik has a gun around in case of gators and tyranny. He knows that being armed is the best way to make sure that our natural rights are never suspended by government! (LP Platform 3.2)

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Daniel - September 2019

Ah, the dog days of summer. Look out for all those rocks, Dan! Not to worry. If he gets hurt, Dan has health care purchased through the free market giving him the best choices and prices! (LP Platform 2.13)

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Jordan - December 2019

Jordan loves to chop wood. In fact, he's the best wood chopper there is! Too bad he can't do it for a living. The government wants huge fees for licensing. Oh yeah??? He doesn't need a stupid license to earn a living! (LP Platform 2.9)